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This project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UNAIDS UBW funds and implemented by UNESCO Bangkok.

Lesson Plan database available courtesy of the Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT).

Directory of Organizations

  Organization Information:
  Title: Pakistan Labour Federation
  Country: Pakistan
  Organization Type: Non-Governmental Organization
  Informations Services: Awareness Rising, HIV/AIDS School Awareness Programs, Newsmagazine, Newsletter, Journal Distribution, Printing of Leaflets, Poster Distribution, Publicity and Exhibition, Seminars, Workshops and Meetings, Youth credit initiative, Youth empowerment
  Organization Focuses: Advocacy, Counseling, Education, Gender and HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS Policy, Human Rights, Safe Blood, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Training Skills Development, Youth
  Targeted Groups: Children and youth, General Community, Women
Address Information:
  Organization Address: 2/136-A, Aman Park Baghbanpura Lahore , Pakistan
  Info Web Site:
  Web Page Updated
  Email Address: waheed2000@yahoo.com , hmsaeed@yahoo.com
  Phone Number: +92-42-6856984
  Fax Number: +92-42-6844293
Contact Information:
  Contact Name: Waheed Ahmad Ch
  Title: Director Hiv/Aids center
  Email Address: waheed2010@hotmail.com
  Phone Number: +92-300-4254329

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